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Is it the right time to sell your mortgage note, structured settlement, gaming award, or similar obligation and receive LUMP SUM CASH?  If so, the professional contract buyers at RL Freedom Capital can help.

To receive a confidential No-Obligation Quotation on your cash flow obligation, just click the BUTTON icon at left.  One of our courteous contract buyers will contact your within 24 hours of receiving your submission!  You could be just days away from receiving the LUMP SUM CASH you need and deserve.

OWNER FINANCED MORTGAGE NOTES:  Get a no-obligation quotation on any performing owner financed residential mortgage note, income property note, vacation home note, or mobile home note.  Click the icon at left.
BUSINESS NOTES:  Do you have a seller financed business note and now find the need for LUMP SUM cash?  We purchase Business Notes.  Click the icon at left
STRUCTURED SETTLEMENTS:  If you are the owner of a structured settlement and now find the need for LUMP SUM Cash instead of continuing to receive monthly payments, get a quote by selecting the icon at left.
GAMING AWARDS & LOTTERY WINNINGS:  If you are the lucky winner of a lottery or Vegas-style gaming award and now prefer a LUMP SUM CASH PAYOUT, click the icon at left for a No-Obligation quotation.

Once our underwriters receive your quotation request, you will receive our provisional purchase offer within 48 hours.